Last Thursday we celebrated the opening of the store as well as the arrival of the most exquisite collection of antique french pieces. They include mirrors, trumeaux, engravings, botanicals and art.  The pieces were made by a French couple I met last spring – he an antiques dealer and she – a restorer of plaster moldings as well as an artist.  Combine the two talents and the results are the most gorgeous pieces made with fragments from the 16th-18th Century restored with combinations of new and old wood, mirrors and plasterwork from 100+ year old molds.  


Next week I will highlight each piece.  They each deserve their own moment in the spotlight. After all, they're quite old and have travelled very far!  In the meantime, Here's a peek. This one – my favorite – might not stay in the store very long.  I'm dreaming about it for our future powder room with all it's crusty aged glory. Against a black wall perhaps…


Setting up the crepe kitchen…



A hard decision narrowing down the crepe selection.  My daughter Lily helped. We went with 2 savory; ham and mornay (cheese sauce), and caramelized onion and mushroom with bechemel, and 2 sweet; Nutella and strawberry and sauteed apple with caramel.


Surprising how well the crepes paired with the champagne!


And let the party begin!  Photos from the party will be on our Facebook page later today.  Click on the link at the top of the blog.

For info on the crepe caterer click here.

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