For those of us whose job requires creativity as well as those who appreciate being surrounded by beauty, we all need regular doses of inspiration to keep the juices flowing.  A shot in the arm of something beautiful whether it be a swatch of fabric, a meaningful story, or a pretty photo just makes us feel better. 

I thought a good way to start off the week is to share what has given me inspiration in the last few days – my 'vitamin i' – so to speak! I hope they inspire you too…

Canopy bed

I've had this photo for a really long time and don't have any recollection of where it came from.  If you do, please do tell!  It's so fairytale-like isn't it? A reminder to look for opportunities to be whimsical in design and in life.

Hunter boots

I'm going to nyc in a week and just started to think about what to pack. Last January when I went, I did not pack my Wellies thinking they would be too un-chic for nyc and I so regretted it! It snowed and the puddles at the curbs were like a foot deep.  I found this photo after I got back and saved it to remind me of how cute (and yes, chic) they can be and how everyone wore them with thick leggings and parkas. I realize it won't be snowy by next week, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't giddy about the cold weather outfit options!  

Pear and almond choc cake-honeyandjam

This is – ok brace yourself – pear, almond and chocolate cake!  Sin on a plate I tell you. I discovered this recipe and this gorgeous blog Honey and Jam recently and am hooked on the recipes and the amazing photography.  My own food photos are usually pretty bad, hard as I try to improve, so my appreciation for good food photography is quite high. This blog doesn't disappoint and has great props too!!  Do me a favor and don't read her "About" page until after you've looked through her blog. You won't believe how old she is!


Does anyone else get the Flor catalog? I've been getting it for years, although I don't usually pay much attention to it until something on the cover recently caught my eye. When I opened it, I was quite literally "Flor-ed".  The styling is superb.  Made me actually want to buy those carpet squares for a second! To get inspired, click here to see their online catalog.

Have a wonderful Monday, and as I tell my kids every morning 'be your best self', and of course, don't forget to take your vitamins!

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