Just to get you up to speed — after we redesigned the interior to a smaller floorplan, the next step was/is to work on the exterior design, landscaping and kitchen details.  I was expecting the exterior elevations would take awhile to take shape since it did for the first design, but when our architect presented them, we were thrilled, and how often does this happen – we aren't changing a thing! I'm not going to show the new plans quite yet- I guess I'm getting superstitious!  But there is one architectural element that I can share that we all felt is essential in defining an urban farmhouse – a cupola.

Barn cupula - old school building co

Barn w: cupula - enchanted home


Barn w cupula2 -enchanted homeabove two photos source


Cupula - Tracery interiorssource

Cupula - sullivan arch




There are many seemingly small architectural details that can make a huge impact in a home's final appearance. Things like posts, railings, garage doors and exterior lighting often get left to the last minute when the contractor needs an answer that day. In the next few weeks, I'll share what we're considering and ultimately chose and the sources for all of them.

I leave for NYC on tues – my burfday:-) I've been having a mini panic about the SNOW that came this weekend! Kind of ironic that in my post last week about taking my Wellies, I mentioned it was not likely to snow?! Hmm… maybe I should do a post about it not being likely that I will win the lotto, or be asked to star as the love interest meet Johnny Depp or be photographed for the Sartorialist, or be invited to Ina Garten's Hampton's house for dinner?

A possible last minute 'what to pack???' post may come tomorrow! Have a fantastic week! 


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