I'm leaving on Sunday morning for a week in New York (by myself!). Yay!  I'll be attending the NYIGF (gift show) for a couple of days to shop for the new store. I also have a few meetings and will be hanging out with two Seattle girlfriends who will be in town too.  My big dilemma is what to wear???  I haven't been to the East Coast during the summer in a really long time, but I remember how humid it can be. I also know from our recent road trip through the South that where it's humid, the air conditioning is on full blast.  We were either dying of heat stroke or shivering.  

My typical 'running around town' attire is a button down type of shirt or cute t-shirt, jeans or a casual skirt and ballet flats.  Not exactly material for The Sartorialist… but that's OK! Should I take some sweaters just in case?  

I have so much to do before I leave, thinking about what to wear is not on the top of my list. At least I have my plane outfit ready to go!


My most comfortable jeans by Seven.  I cut the bottom 2 inches off before the summer so now they're kind of cropped just above the ankle.  On top, a linen sundress that I love, but it's too sheer to wear unless it's as a beach cover-up or over jeans.  I'm taking a long navy blue cotton sweater by Vince.  For shoes – old school Dr. Scholl's. I got my daughter a pair in red too. They're so cute! They made me so nostalgic I had to get them!  When I was little, we used to buy them at the hardware store – anyone remember that? Anyway, they are really comfortable – much better than sandals with completely flat bottoms.  

My favorite recent purchase is my carry-on bag.  It's kind of funny that I picked something that could easily be stuffed with down and become a trendy pillow!  It's made of grain sack material which is so everywhere I know, but I don't care – I still like it. 


It's from Club Monaco.  It's really roomy so it will be perfect for all the stuff I schlep on the plane – laptop, camera, magazines, a book, socks, cashmere wrap, sandwich, water bottle, gum, kleenex, wallet, phone, sunglasses, make-up bag. Do you take this much stuff on the plane too?  (my husband might be reading, so please say yes:)  I also like that the straps are wide, which was the reason I bought it in the first place.  I bought this one last winter, but the straps are thin and uncomfortable when it's filled with heavy things. I like to use it for client meetings, carrying files, fabric samples, etc.


So anyone out there going to the show too?  It would be so fun to meet fellow bloggers and/or readers. Wish there was a blogger get-together!

Have a great weekend!


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