In an attempt to post more frequently, I'm going to try to be less wordy…

Some things I've been lovin lately and thought you might too…

1. Garden & Gun 

I cannot believe I forgot to tell you about my most amazing discovery during our Southern States vacation!! Named after a 70's era nightclub in South Carolina- the South's equivalent of Studio 54 – Garden & Gun magazine is about the new South – food, art, design, people. The writing is darn good. and you thought I was going to say I'm into horticulture and firearms… Check out their blogs too – awesome.

G&g article

 for the full article click here.

G&g bbq

G&g article2

 for the full article click here.

2. Penguin Water Carbonation Device

Penguin water carbonation

We drink a lot of sparkling water (or bubbly as we call it).  Let's just say our carbon(ated) footprint was shameful until we discovered this incredible gizmo.  It allows you to carbonate your own water – adding just as much or as little fizz as you want – then storing it in lovely glass bottles.  They come with one CO2 canister that makes 60 bottles of water.  When it's empty, return it and get the replacement at half the cost of a new one.  We got ours here, but the canisters can also be purchased/exchanged at Crate & Barrel (prob other places too). Williams Sonoma sells flavors to add to the water so you can create your own custom beverage. Personally, I think it tastes best straight up with a twist.

3. Branda 

I recently received an email from two sisters in Argentina who knit beautiful accessories. They are chic yet have that homespun one-of-a-kind feel.  I think I might have to have this poncho.

Branda poncho

and maybe these cotton cuffs..

Branda lace cotton cuffs

and maybe this merino wool hat…

Branda - merino fishermans hat

You can find Branda here.

4. Industrial Parsons Desk

West Elm's newest version of their iconic Parson's Desk. Metal. No words.

Metal parsons desk

More info click here.

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