Our driving day from New Orleans to Biloxi was a short one -only about 2 hours, which was why we were able to fit in the swamp tour.  Biloxi was a stopover because my father lives there – a nyc transplant who followed a girlfriend there many years ago and fell in love with the sultry south (not the girl) and stayed.  He joined us in New Orleans too, so we only spent an afternoon and night in Mississippi.

The most surprising aspect of our brief visit to this part of the country was the drive along the Gulf Coast.  Having been hit with a one two punch – a hurricane and an oil spill, the sight of these newly constructed, majestic homes which line the several mile stretch across the street from the beach, spoke volumes about the hopefulness and dedication that Mississippians feel about their state.





The view across the street.


The next day driving to Nashville, we came upon this cute fruit stand near a gas station where we stopped to refuel.  I couldn't resist the peaches for car snacks.




When I asked the farmer for permission to snap some photos, he was more than happy to oblige.  He also asked if I wanted to photograph the inside of his stand which he proudly explained he made himself. Southerners are so nice 🙂


This was one of the longer driving days – Biloxi, MS to Nashville, TN with Alabama in between.


Lately, I've been noticing the work of artists, architects and designers from Alabama and have been so inspired.  I was really looking forward to seeing the state in person, even though we were only driving through. I loved the lushness of the countryside.  The verdant hills and cooler temps were a welcome change from flat, brown, hot Texas.

Despite not seeing much of Alabama, I fantasized about buying a big old house with columns and a front porch with rocking chairs and a huge lawn with weeping willows and zigzag stone fence.  Having lived in the best cities on the East and West coasts, I liked the idea of creating a trifecta.

We stopped for lunch in Montgomery.  It turned out that the restaurant that we picked from a phone/internet search we did while driving, had burned down a few months ago.  So there we were in downtown Montgomery in the rain with no clue where to go.  Luckily a sheriff happened to be walking by that very minute and suggested where we could get some great barbecue! Now would be when I would tell you the name of the restaurant, but I forgot to write it down.  I got distracted…. 



There were men in suits decorated with medals everywhere…When my husband wasn't looking, I just had to ask what was going on. It turns out there was a convention in town – Descendants of Confederate Soldiers.Ya.

Anyway, the serendipitous change of restaurant lead us to find the Hank Williams Museum around the corner!


Pictures weren't allowed.  I found that out right after I took this one.


Next stop:  Nashville.

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