One of the best things about a vacation is all the time you get to spend reading.  It's always nice when the reading material that you've given up precious space in your carry-on to take is exceptional. Such was the case on our recent vacation to Cabo. 

great books for summer

Has anyone read "Homer & Langley" by E.L. Doctrow?  It's a vividly detailed story about two brothers born at the turn of the century in New York City.  The book's third character is the 5th Avenue mansion they live in and how it (and they) goes from the the epitome of aristocratic wealth and prestige to a dilapidated and derelict condition.  The odd cast of characters that come and go from this house is what keeps it upbeat and even occasionally funny.

I also adored "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.  If you enjoy books with strong women protagonists, this book is for you.  The back cover requests that details about the plot not be shared… So I'll honor that, but will give you just a brief snippet to decide if it's of interest.  Two disparate women find themselves in a horrifying and life altering situation together and what happens to each afterwards.

The magazines were great too if they're still on the news stand you should pick them up. I keep thinking about the Vera Wang article in Harper's Bazaar.  She is such an inspiration and at 61(!) she looks fantastic!  Heard her interviewed on CNN on Friday after the Royal Wedding to weigh in on the wedding dress. Really interesting and insightful.  She said Kate was making a statement that she is more about elegance than being fashion forward. Wasn't she just stunning?  I am rambling now…

I need a new book!  Any recommendations?


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