House Beautiful just announced their celebrity designer for the 2011 Kitchen of the Year and it's Tyler Florence! This is really exciting since I adore everything about him his cookbooks and store so much! The 2,500 square foot mock kitchen and outdoor space will be on public display in New York's Rockefeller Center from July 18-22 as well as on the House Beautiful website and the magazine. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with not only because he's a chef and a local, but also because he has a fantastic design sense.

Awhile ago I did a post about his stunning store in Mill Valley, but thought I'd repost a few photos I took of the kitchen within the store for clues as to what we can perhaps expect to see.


Something tells me we'll see some dark subway tiles with light grout. Or perhaps poured concrete counter tops tinted charcoal gray with ground oyster shells like below?


As I mentioned in my post about the store, no detail has been overlooked. Everything is worth staring at and taking mental notes. It was here that I first fell in love with this chandelier by Moooi. I wonder if he'll use them in his HB kitchen?

Below is the cookbook library at the back of the store.  Foodie nirvana.



Leather French club chairs by the fireplace – irresistible.


Tyler's home kitchen has several elements that are used in the store too. If I were to guess, I wouldn't be surprised to see open shelving, chunky butcher block slabs and lots of copper pots.

TF kitchen -cafe-menu-board-0211-de

TF Kitchen HB

TF Kitchen -stone-steel-kitchen-0211-de

TF Kitchen -white-kitchen-counter-0211-de

above 4 photos – House Beautiful

Tyler's restaurant Wayfare Tavern is also beautifully styled.  It's a fun place to go for dinner if you're in San Fran.

Wayfare tavern - sfgate

Wayfare tavern wine barrel lights
above 2 photos – sfgate


Tyler's newest restaurant that he opened with pal Sammy Hagar – El Paseo just opened 2 weeks ago and we're heading there for a bite tonight!  

addendum:  We went to El Paseo without reservations, so we had low expectations of actually being seated. The wait for the patio was an hour+ and for the restaurant was 2+ hours so we just had a glass of wine in the bar and looked around at the fantastic space. It's just so cool! The seating areas are divided up into small spaces spread throughout with an outdoor walkway/courtyard/patio that goes between. I can't wait to go back and tuck into his yummy food and hopefully take some photos! And in case you were wondering, yes,Tyler was there.


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