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Hello and cheers to a brand new year!  I hope your holiday season was filled with great times as well as ample time to recharge!

For the past few days we've been in Seattle (were blessed with gorgeous, crisp cold sunshine) and stayed in a hotel since we were only in town for a short time.  I always look forward to checking out the decor details in hotels, don't you?  They can provide a wealth of design inspiration or be lessons in what not to do.  This hotel, while it's contemporary style is not something I naturally gravitate to, provided some great take aways.  

Starting in the lobby, the first thing that catches your eye is this long fireplace…

I love the rough hewn wood slab ledge in front of the fireplace!  The right angles of the stone paneling on the wall and tiles on the floor are warmed by incorporating an element with soft edges and warm textures. It keeps the space from feeling austere.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the fire is coming out of a bed of crystals that look like chunks of ice. The fire/ice, wood/stone, warm/cold contrast was used throughout the hotel. 

Hotel floral arrangements are another thing I always get inspiration from, and even if I'm just walking past a hotel that looks interesting, I often go in just to see what the flowers arrangements look like.  

It being the holidays, everything was pretty traditionally themed, but I did notice this pretty little arrangement off to the side.


What I got from this (and will attempt next time I see orchids at Trader Joe's) is using branches as support posts for the droopy orchids. I can picture a larger arrangement with many orchid stems tied to branches for a dramatic look. Again, another example of warm/cold with the tropical flowers paired with the wintry birch.

I took this photo more for the inspiration it sparked than the actual execution done here.  I'm about to start on a couple of design projects – one contemporary and one modern, so I've had to switch gears design wise and pay attention to things I typically don't.  My idea (and maybe it won't work, but …) is to inset an area rug (like an Odegard) into the flooring (could work with anything – concrete, wood, stone, etc).  I even got thinking that it would be cool to break up a long hallway with pieces of carpet the way pavers are set into grass or ground cover.  What do you think?  Anyone tried it?


And then this fantastic concept below.  Looks pretty blah in the photo, but in real life the lighting framing the bathroom mirror is fantastic.  I love the light it casts from all around. This is the lobby bathroom so it was dim, but in a home setting could be made much brighter.  This is a great idea for a more modern/minimalist bath, since there is no need for sconces.  Would be perfect for surrounding a medicine cabinet.


More lighting is typically needed in bathrooms, so I included a photo of the small cans that could make a home bathroom as bright as desired.


Last but not least, there is still time to enter my giveaway here.  The dvd's are perfect for these rainy cold afternoons! It ends tomorrow (Tues) at midnight!

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