A couple of weeks ago I was reading a post from one of my favorite blogs – Trouvais where I learned about the gorgeous bedding company; Bella Notte.

a little aside story: I found Trouvais before our trip to Paris last summer when I was all about everything French. I was mesmerized by the garden belonging to the author Trish (picture pea gravel paths and stone steps lined with lavender). After a few emails back and forth, I discovered that Trish doesn't live in Provence as I had thought, but merely blocks from me!  If six degrees of separation is true, it's got to be three in blogland.

Anyway, Trish posted that Bella Notte was having a warehouse sale nearby. Even though I really didn't need anything, I had to check it out.  O.M.G.

Before I show you my pretty new bed, here are the before's.  Starting with the day we moved in…

Bedroom before

bedroom before

The blue carpeting was pulled up revealing beautiful oak floors.  We stained them a dark brown, took the curtains down and put on a coat of Benjamin Moore Atrium White.  


bedroom after

The windows and door on the left lead to a sunroom.  It's really more of an enclosed porch since it has no insulation and appears to have been added on more recently.

Sun room before
sunroom before

We put a subfloor down (I think it was just plywood) over the decking which is what was under the old carpet, carpeted with an inexpensive remnant, and gave the wood paneled tan walls a fresh coat of paint.

Sunroom after

sunroom after

I love this space – a quiet escape. I have no idea why I took this with the sheepskin on the floor, but it's too dark now to take another photo!

And here's our newly outfitted bed in Bella Notte




I've been loving the new look – so feminine and frou frou!  A friend even asked if my husband was ok with it! haha (He is). I bought it to go on the guest bed, but now re-thinking.

More dreamy Bella Notte…

Bella notte - gray and mustard

Bella notte linens

Bella notte - aqua bed

Olive + purple pillows bella notte

Bella notte - bed

To learn more about Bella Notte and to be transported to France, visit Trouvais by clicking here.

Happy new week!




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