My immensely talented artist friend Jackie came into the store a couple of days ago to say hi. She also gave me the sweetest gift…

Eggs in package

A package of paper mache eggs with inspiring quotes inside – handmade by Jackie.  When she gave them to me she said, "To inspire the hatching of new ideas."  I LOVE that!

Eggs out of package

Hens laying eggs

We liked that they look like they could of hatched from the red hens in the painting.  Those 'silly banded' arms belong to our daughters, just in case you were wondering ';-)

Eggs out of package

Cracked eggs
The first one I opened said, "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."  Aldous Huxley


I think they look beautiful 'cracked' too, especially in my avocado bowl from Heath Ceramics.  I persuaded Jackie to let me sell some in the store.  There are four sets of quotes so it's easy to have a variety at a party.

Jackie also does a simple yet stunning series of necklaces made of stone or beach glass on a short silver or gold chains to be worn just at the nape of the neck. The picture doesn't capture how pretty they are in person. 

  IMG_1762Jackie's artistic talent is far reaching, so it's appropriate that her 'brand' is called Truck. She doesn't have a website yet, but if you're interested in Jackie's 'Inspired Eggs' or necklaces, send me an email and I will forward her contact info.






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