On Tuesday the demo finally begins on the kid's bathroom! Lucky little buggers. My whole family shared just one bathroom growing up. I suppose it was easier for us to share with two girls… or not! Anyway, the existing nasty bathroom they share (operative word) is in between their bedrooms, so we're getting rid of it and replacing it with two ensuite bathrooms. In a couple of months ohmmm… bickering will cease ohmmm…wall banging will end ohmmm…and our mornings will be peaceful, harmonious and zen-like ohhmmm 🙂

Kids bathroom plan
Each room has a pocket door that opens to their bedroom.  The open door at the top of the drawing is to a linen closet.  The room on the right with the bathtub is Lily's and the one on the left with a shower is Luke's. I'd like them to reflect that one's a boys and one's a girls, but also don't want to reinvent the wheel completely either.  So here's the list of ideas to be included in both:

1.  White subway tiles (3" x 6" Rittenhouse) from Daltile.  We've used them for every bathroom we've ever done – simple, classic, always looks great.

Kids bath - subway tile:wainscotting

2. Carerra marble hex tile (1") on the floor.

Greybath w: carerra hex tiles - houseandhome
photo credit:  house and home 

Isn't this bathroom fantastic?  Even though it's all gray, there's nothing drab about it.  The shaker style vanity looks completely modern and fresh with the flush-mounted hardware. Notice the beefy marble slab. Lots of straight lines and right angles going on in here. The subtle use of small carerra subway tiles in the backsplash adds polish to the room without going overboard like tiling the entire bathroom would. It looks like they were also used for the tub/shower surround.

3. Gray painted cabinetry.

Kitchen inspiration - Sally Wheats via Cote de Texas
Yes, this is a kitchen not a bathroom, but quite honestly it was the kitchen that not only launched a thousand (or more) gray kitchens, but it was also the inspiration to go gray in my own kids' bathrooms. This is Sally Wheats kitchen via Cote de Texas blog.

4. Wall mounted fixtures.

Kohler Purist 2 Handled wall mounted faucet
Kohler Purist 2 Handle Wall Mount 

So, that was my working plan for the elements to be used in both bathrooms. The biggest differentiators will be their vanities.  My big dilemma is that I'm thinking about converting Lily's current dresser (that I bought years ago at a garage sale in Seattle) to a sink vanity, but this would mean getting rid of the mirror which would be such a shame!


I'm getting cold feet.  For one thing the sales associate at the bath fixture store told me horror stories about antiques being ruined and water damage to bathrooms when older pieces of furniture are used to house plumbing of any kind.  When we bought this dresser, the mirror part was broken and not attached and there was no marble top or knobs/pulls.  I love how it turned out, even without paint.  We won't have a place for it in Lily's new room, so if we don't use it in the bathroom, we'd have to part with it. What to do???

note: Lily's room has been the same shade of pink her whole life (11+ years) until recently when she wanted to 'try out' lavender.  She's now thinking she wants to go back to pink. Luckily I didn't have her pink velvet chair recovered! Just had a feeling that would be the case

I've been saving images for this project for awhile.  Isn't it interesting to go back through a file and see what preferences keep constant?

Girls bathroom = lotus bleu

design by Lotus Bleu

Girl's bathroom - NZ House and Garden

Bathroom - la dolfina

photo credit:  la dolfina 

The above bathroom is another that I just adore.  The marble shelf idea is a keeper.

Bathroom - peak of chic

photo credit:  peak of chic 

One of the ideas I've been tossing around is beadboard or board and batten for the walls in the bathroom. I know that wood is not such a good idea with all the moisture, but I like the look so I'm still researching. Does type of paint make a difference?  I know there are synthetic options to wood, but wonder about the toxicity?  

Subway tile + beadboard - Domino

photo credit: Domino

Lily's bathroom inspiration 

Bathroom floor tile
This is the floor in my sister's bathroom.  Every time I look at this photo, I rethink everything I said in #2 above.  Picture taken with my old phone – doesn't capture how pretty this floor really is.  Big carerra tiles with small squares between them.  

Shower detail
Bathroom paneling
The above two photos are of a friend's  bathroom.  I especially like the way the paneling integrates with the shower wall.  I'm thinking that if I can find a way to have the wood not warp, this would be a great look for Luke's bathroom.

Tomorrow we move the kids to the basement and clear out the current linen closet and bathroom.  I look forward to getting the coffee going, jumping in and having a productive day.  So grateful to have an extra one to the weekend! 

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Enjoy your Labor Day!

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