Yup, I'm officially back to work!  In the past couple of weeks, the planets aligned, decided the time has come, and plopped into my lap a lovely little assortment of interior design projects!  Each one is totally unique, yet I'm finding now that the creativity switch has been turned on, they all provide inspiration for one another.  I'll post photos as soon as I can and can't wait to share more details with you soon!

Ok, so how to balance work and kids during the summer…?  Ideas? Strategies? Prescription suggestions? I've been so inspired by all of the bloggers with young ones and babies who effortlessly balance the two and often design careers as well. Even though I've worked since my kids were babies, I really struggled with it, especially when they were little.  The summers used to feel like a savannah of endless days to fill.  Now I get sad when the summer days become shorter and it starts getting dark early again!   What up with that?

I'm trying to keep myself 'available' during prime daytime hours to help facilitate the revolving door of kids.  I do love that – even when the kids happen to be big teenage boys who, after a day of mountain biking, come crashing through the kitchen leaving the appearance that we've been invaded by locusts. Or a gaggle of girls whose shrieking through the sprinkler causes every dog within a 10 mile radius to go nuts. I love it all and it's not fair that It's over so soon -not just summer, but summers filled with kid spirit.  

Of course this means working in the wee morning hours and/or late at night, so blogging has been sparse (or written with so many interruptions I wonder if I've made any sense!)  So, thanks for hanging in there and still reading after my little break!  Happy summer weekend to you!

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