One the highlights of this summer was a visit – albeit brief- to one of the oldest and biggest flea markets in Paris. If I had a store, I would have come home with an airplane hanger full of great finds.  Chanel and Hermes – no temptation, but that pair of carmel colored leather club chairs – ooh la la.  One of the vendors got cranky about pictures, so I didn't risk it after that, but I can show you what I scored.  My constraint being what could fit into my already full suitcase…


These linen and sunflower yellow drapery panels were love at first sight.  They will be reincarnated next week into pillows (not by me, rest assured). Crossing my fingers that I do this fabric justice and they turn out ok! I think I was inspired by the charcoal gray and sunflower yellow combo I first noticed in Italy, but coincidently now that I'm back I'm seeing this color combination more.  It's my new Fall color inspiration – wouldn't these colors make a stunning Thanksgiving table?


I also brought home a few pieces of indigo ticking, grain sack fabric and a bolster that didn't get in the photo for some reason.  I like the neutral tones for my new office – aka sunroom off of our bedroom 🙂 Since going to Paris every month is unlikely, the next best thing is Alameda. It never disappoints.  Last month, three of us went and all came back with great stuff.  My only purchase was this humongous basket.  I have no idea why I had to have it – no clue what I was going to do with it – but so far everywhere I' ve put it, it looks great. I think it will end up in my office since it looks so good with the fabric which will also become pillows and cushions eventually.

Here are some past Alameda finds that, again, if I had a store would have come home with me.


Love this antler chandelier.  Made with only found antlers it is rustic and modern at the same time.

These barnacle encrusted urns are actually from a sunken ship!  Displayed as a collection or just one on a console table would be beautiful.

This seashell chandelier is to die for!  I would love to see this beauty in an all white beach house entry foyer or over a big dining table!  


Swirly metal chairs that just seem to tell a story.  Can't you just picture them in a garden under a rose covered arbor?


Badminton and tennis racquets.  I know, totally random, but I just thought they looked cool and sort of vintage preppy – Great Gatsby-ish.  Again, if I had a store – these would make a dandy wall display.

A million uses for these pretty frames – mirrors, black and white photos, art, bulletin boards…

I stared at this piece for awhile… It would have to have a well defined purpose to be so dominant in a room. Then it occurred to me – it belongs in an artist space – each drawer for different colored paints, pastels or even yarns for knitters.  I just love the industrial look and feel of it!

More metal + wood industrial pieces.  The casters are such a good idea, since they weigh a ton!

The next Alameda Antique Fair is Labor Day weekend, which also happens to be the Sausalito Art Festival – the biggest revenue grossing Art Show in the country.  This year the bands are great – Jefferson Starship, Modern English and a total throwback to my husband's early band days – The Tubes, just to name a few! If you are looking for something fun to do Labor Day weekend, I highly recommend it!

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