Buonasera!  Actually, Bonsoir is more accurate considering I'm in Paris. I just didn't feel like I could skip over Tuscany without sharing some photos since I never had the opportunity to blog (go figure!?) while I was there.

I thought that living so close to Napa Valley would make me jaded to the beauty and splendor of the Italian wine country.  How wrong I was! It is stunning beyond my wildest dreams providing postcard worthy photos in every direction no matter where one happens to be.  While California wine country is one of the most beautiful places on earth, the two have their differences.  For one thing, Tuscany has higher peaks providing panoramic vistas overlooking stone farmhouses, vineyards and dense greenery…


 The gardens are simple – like the lifestyle – just what grows natively and with abandon.

IMG_1319The photo above and below are taken from the Villa where we stayed in Greve.  The garden – oh the garden!  I plan to mimic every last detail at home – pea gravel paths bordered with rustic stone lined garden beds filled with lavender, roses, boxwood and hydrangea.

This photo was taken high above the Villa overlooking the small pool.  From this spot – there is a small, open air 'fitness room' with a treadmill – I
attempted to run off the ridiculous amount of pasta, pizza, gelato and chianti I've consumed… Actually, I only ran once, but it was such a glorious experience to be looking out at this view, surrounded by wildflowers, feeling a soft breeze every now and then – I hoped to get another opportunity…

A wonderful reminder of the best meal we had in Italy… 

I look forward to sharing more with you soon and catching up with all my blog reading too!  Other than World Cup and BBC, I am totally out of touch!

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