When you picture the government buildings that house your local courthouse, construction permit and DMV offices I bet you get an unpleasant visual of dark hallways, yellowed linoleum floors, florescent light fixtures and gray metal furniture – right?  Well here in Marin, we do government buildings this way…

This architectural masterpiece – The Marin Civic Center was designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright.  I'm not boasting…am I boasting? Well maybe a little, but there are not many architecturally significant structures here, so please allow me this moment!


The lobby when you walk in.

These are the tops of live trees that have grown from the bottom floor.

With it's red and gold color scheme, curved lines and glass ceiling, the Marin Civic Center feels more like a cool urban office building designed by Kelly Wearstler than the place you go to serve jury duty. Walking through the ornate sun-filled atriums, one can easily forget the long lines, endless paperwork and bureaucratic runaround that awaits!


This is where they put you if you get impatient while waiting and happen to ask 'How much longer?' Kidding!


In the past few weeks I have spent quite a bit of time at the Civic Center (getting a permit for Phase I of our construction – yay!!!) and must admit to being completely awe struck by this complex and the surrounding landscape.  I can't imagine the reaction 50 years ago to this ahead-of-its-time building or the man himself, but for those of us today who are lucky enough to take care of our civic duties within it's walls– a huge thank you Mr. Wright and your high-heeled cowboy boot, cape-wearing bad self!


Another reason to spend time at the Civic Center is because it is home to one of the biggest Farmer's Market's in California.  Every Sunday and Thursday the parking lot is packed with farmers, bakers, cooks and crafters displaying their heavenly goods.

This morning the strawberries were abundant.  I didn't realize they came in so many different varieties!
Rainbow Chard


These canning jars filled with bunches of heirloom roses are so charming!  Will have to remember to try this at home!
Fresh fava and garbanzo beans.

And the reason I came today – ripe peaches – finally, summer is here!  

Happy Monday!

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