It all started with a kite… A spontaneous Father's Day gift idea thought of by my daughter.  That lead to a spur-of-the-moment decision to head to the beach- Point Reyes Station – and our favorite breakfast spot; The Pine Cone Diner.


There are several excellent restaurants to choose from in this quaint town…  But the homey charm, as well as old-school hash browns, dark strong coffee and homemade jam keep us coming back.  We were so hungry, there was no time to take any food photos! 

Driving along the stretch of beach towns- Point Reyes, Inverness and Tomales Bay I can't help but be reminded of Cape Cod.  A very West Coast version though… 


Lots of authentic boho…



Travelers passing through… Biker Dave and his dog Sprocket…


Plenty of delicacies to choose from for a picnic or to stock the pantries of the summer homes. Above is the building that contains the award-winning Cowgirl Creamery.

The triple cream "Mt. Tam" is one of my all-time favorite cheeses.  It's shipped to gourmet groceries throughout the country, so if you happen to spot it, do give it a try!

The creamery sells everything needed for a gourmet picnic.  


My crew and I arrive at the beach.  Unfortunately, no wind for kite flying, but still a perfect day!

Summer is here!


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