Blue & White: Summer 2018

Blue & White: Summer 2018

Hi my loves… how are you? It’s been quite a month. The good news being that my son graduated from college this past week and is coming back to the Bay Area WITH. A. JOB.! I’m so super excited to have him back in California, proud that his hard work and success in business school paid off, but also, like all of my kids’ milestones, I’m a little weepy about the significance of next steps and new chapters…

On the opposite end of things, my grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago… I was so fortunate to have flown back to spend time with them a week prior. I know we hear this all the time, but honestly, it’s so true and worth repeating —  how quickly something can happen. So cherish the ones you love. 



Like no other color, blue has an ability to resonate and stir emotion. It represents the sky and sea, and depending on the shade, blue is the color of fresh air, dusk, strength, spirit, soulfulness, sadness, joy and tranquility. I suppose that’s probably the reason this is the third post (the others are here and here) I’ve done on that color!

With summer coming, I’m drawn (in a huge way!) to the classic blue and white combination. In seasons past, a cream + black palette has been dominant, and while I love that too, I’m craving a fresh, bright, beachy vibe right about now. Here’s what I am loving. I hope you do too 🙂

beach cottage with white shiplap

The stripes and mixing of blues is what I like most about this space. The less match-y and careful, the better. Also worth noting, vertical (vs horizontal) panelling and on the ceiling too – cool and different – especially pared with the pale floors. This all looks to be original, but the same effect can be replicated.

modern white bedroom with antiques

I love the antique wood accents in this modern space and pops of color hung directly on the walls. Why not display jewelry like that?! I think I have a new design obsession forming…

white painted stairs with blue stripes down the center

High gloss porch paint. Stripes like vintage grain sack. No more words needed.

Side note* I painted the floors white in our house when we first moved in. They were hardwood, but stained a terrible color and a mixture of plank widths. They turned out really well and withstood kids, dogs and everything else for years. Moral of that story – if you don’t like your floors and they aren’t worth refinishing (or too much $) – paint them white!

summer bedding in neutrals

This bedding is all about texture. Worn-in and unironed linen, smooth cotton print pillow case anchored by a knit throw. The faded subtlety of these colors and textures just says summer to me.

half wall panelling in farmhouse bedroom

baskets made out of vintage blue striped fabric

I love to create storage in places and with things that are not always the intended purpose. Wish I knew how to find these amazing containers?! If anyone knows, let us know in the comments! I bet they have flip-flops inside.

I will have an aperol spritz, please.

all white modern farmhouse bathroom with blue patterned floor tile

Again, another example of the winning combo of an all white room + a natural wood element + blue. The first thought most of us have (me included) is, “will I get tired of this pattern and wish I had gone with a more neutral tile?” I think as long as the tile is in the blue family (or black/dark gray) you (me included) will never tire of this. Balanced out with all white, this indigo pattern is playful, modern and fresh yet classic.

modern farmhouse powder room with full wall of blue and white tile backsplash

Just one more example of the above elements working beautifully together.

boho mid-century living room in neutrals and blues

What I love about this space is the well-edited use of furniture and accessories to create a perfect boho/mid-century vibe. This is so on point with what is topping the interior design aesthetic list right now.

Have a great week!


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Desert Vibes

Desert Vibes

Hi you… I have been considering what to write about and while I actually have a list of topics, I’m lacking the passion/creativity to make them interesting. It’s not for any reason other than I’ve been focused on other things this week – all, I’m happy to say are exciting and wonderful – and will share one of them tomorrow on Insta!!! It’s just that it’s hard for me to switch gears creatively – to go from one headspace to another. Maybe that’s the way it is for everyone? Anyway, I recently finished reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was extremely inspiring and I highly recommend it. The biggest take away, especially being a believer in “the universe” and those unbelievable coincidences that just ‘happen’ – is that not only do they happen with people and relationships, but they also happen with ideas. Her belief (and now mine too) is that creativity, great ideas and boundless ways to express them are floating around us at all times just waiting until they find a ready and willing host who will take the ball and run with it… If you already believe this to be true with people as I do, doesn’t it makes perfect sense that the same rules apply to ideas?  Something for you to ponder while I take you with me to the desert…



I don’t know why I have such a craving to go on a road trip to Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert, but I do. I wonder if it’s because I have always lived on a coast and near mountains and/or the ocean. I can’t imagine not. As such, long flat savannas are a curious thing. And all those Dr. Seuss-ish plants. It’s been building for the past 6 months or so. There have been a few evenings where I have almost gone for it. Right then and there. Merely letting myself experience what being daring and free feels like for the first time in my entire life was half the thrill. That’s what being an empty nester for a few months will do to you – lol. You become the 20 year old self that you never were. This road trip is realistically not going to happen for a couple of months, but when it does, it will hopefully be something like this….

Driving through the Mojave Desert

Ghost house in the desert

Joshua Tree


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